Monday, September 9, 2013

Things to Accomplish

I am sitting here reading genealogy blogs and thinking to myself when it comes to my own research what is it that I wish to accomplish?  I have made so many of the classic mistakes that one starts out doing when they start on their pursuit of  family history.   I was one of the folks that would click and add to my tree without paying attention to the details of the records in order to get my family tree done as quickly as possible.  I didn't pay attention to records or to insight and the thoughtful words of those that tried to help.

Thankfully I know better now and I know that there is so much more to researching and adding people to your family history than being on a website click, click, clicking away with no regard to what you are doing.  I want to know as much as possible  about each person that is in my family.  These are our ancestors, they faced wars, plagues, things that we can't imagine, or  maybe we could and that is why we want to try to find them.   I want to take each person that is in my family tree and find each and every thing that I can find out about them.

The great discoveries, the accomplishments, even the failures, whatever it is I want to know.   I have started my tree over and I have went thru my notes and I have gotten rid of anything that might no be right and that I had no proof for in order to start over right and in the correct way.   It's so easy to get exicted along the way and mess up but luckily I have a mother and father that shares my interest and pursuing this great feat and I have 3 or 4 more cousins that are actively researching their family trees also that share mine.  
I so enjoy reading everyone's blogs so please keep them coming, your discoveries and techniques are a great asset to anyone reading.

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