Monday, April 29, 2013

Amazing Grace- George Jones

 A legend has passed but his music will live on in the hearts of his fans through his music

Elvis Presley - How Great Thou Art (Best Quality)

RIP George Jones

George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today - (RIP Possum)

George Jones dies at 81 - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes

George Jones/Tammy Wynette-We're Gonna Hold On

Remembering George Jones, 81, Country Music Giant

George Jones, Country Music Hall of Famer, dies at age 81

George Jones-She Thinks I Still Care

George Jones - Choices


Picture of me without you. Lorrie Morgan & George Jones

George Jones and Tammy Wynette- Golden ring

RIP George Jones... my grandmother's favorite singer

Motivation Monday - Things I need to do.....

Motivation Monday.....

I do really need to get motivated.   I have been putting relatives on FTM2012 that I know that have been verified and are supposed to be there.  As of right now I have 752 on there.   They are all sourced and verified.   One thing that i need to do is add the sources to them, because I am adding them from my notes and personal knowledge.  Luckily, when i was taking my notes I did right down most of the places that I had found the information.
Another thing that i need to do is continue adding verified ancestors and collateral family to the tree because I need to get it synced to before I get my test results. I think in order for the DNA test to show matches there at least have to be people in my tree.... lol   because right now its all on the program and not all on the internet.
I need to get motivated to work on my mom's side of the family more.  They are a confusing bunch.  Her surnames are Rittenberry/ Mccloud/ Smith /Crook,  all from the areas of Putnam, Smith, Jackson, and the surrounding counties to these in Middle Tennessee.   I have a great great grandfather that I need to find where he died and I believe it will be a trip to the courthouses in these counties to try to find out more.
The next thing I need to get motivated on is my maternal grandmother's family.  This will be the Cunningham branch of my family tree.  Some of them came from Meigs county, before they came to Rhea county TN.   (unless the counties are out of state they will all be in TN).  
I did get motivated and got on the USGENWEB archive site and downloaded info that they had for all of the counties in TN.  I also looked thru my notes and found other counties outside of TN , such as TX and MO and downloaded some of the information from there also.

Ancestry DNA Test

I am so excited.   I finally was able to order the new Ancestry DNA test that tests both my father's andmy mother's DNA.  I think that I ordered it on Apr. 19 and sent it back on the 20th. has it startedprocessing on 4-23-2013.  So it's lab processing right now.  I can't wait to get the results back.I had previously took the maternal DNA test and while it was interesting to get the results it didn't match me to people like this one will.According to their website it will map ethnicity going back multiple generations.   The results will include info about my genetic ethinicity predictions and provide me with DNA matches.   The DNA matches is what I am looking forward to so much,
and why I am trying to get all of the people in my tree that belong there and that have been verified to be there.Today I plan on buying
Trace Your Roots with DNA: Use Your DNA to Complete Your Family Tree
by Megan Smolenyak (Author), Ann Turner (Author)
I am going to buy this book to see what else I can learn on DNA and how it will help with my research.


The definition of overwhelmed
to surge over or submerge; engulf
to defeat completely and decisively
to affect deeply in mind or emotion
to present with an excessive amount
to turn over; upset.

My research on my family history I feel like it has become my passion. 
I know have people asking me you know what I have learned or how we are related and
I so love answering their questions and being able to tell them stories of our shared
ancestors.  I love it so much.

The reason that I am feeling overwhelmed is the massive amount of paper that I am going thru
now.  I have no idea how to organize it all and get it in one place or at least with the ancestor
that it's supposed to go with.  I have tried maybe putting a name on a piece of paper and just
going thru and adding on that specific person and that would be the best idea but dang that is
a lot of paper.... 

I have seen the work of someone that has been doing this for over twenty years on parts of my
family where hers connect with mine and she has put hers into three ring binders with families and
the people like i just described and it works so well.  My thing right now is just doing it.
It's crazy even thinking about it and ya I have not been doing this for long and people that have
been doing it for years and years have alot of paper files but the difference being most of those
people have figured out a system, i just have not yet figured out how to make my system and make
my system work for me.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Lige E. Cunningham

For Sunday's Obituary I picked Lige E. Cunningham (1890-1980).   He was my great grandfather on my paternal side.   His daughter from his second marriage to Grace East Flatt was Imogene.   She was my father's mother.  
Grandpa Cunningham was one of 19 children.  His father was married twice and total had 19 children.  Unfortunately he died in 1980 the year before I was born but from everything I was told he was a great man and i am unfortunate in not meeting him.   

New Book Im reading

I have been reading The Fastest Growing Religion On Earth by Doug Brenner, and so far this is a really good book.  It has information about his family history where he has wrote back and forth with people in emails and letters.   I am not even half way through it but so far I really like it.

Samuel and Rosa Lemons

We were sitting here watching a movie on tv, when daddy pulled up and came in.   He handed me an envelope and said that this should help at least with one person in the tree.  I opened it and it was the funeral books that you write stuff in, such as flowers, food , etc.  Rosa passed in the 1950s and so did Samuel so for it being over fifty years old every thing in the package was in such great shape.   Apparently they had stuck certain sympathy cards and the cards from flowers in the books also.  There was one from Theodore Lemons (my great grandfather) and his son Willie.  Also one from Barnett Lemons and his wife.  Barnett was my grandfather's brother.   Such a great package of information to get and look thru.   I am going to get the information I need out of it and then send it back to mom and dads so that daddy can put it up.

been busy

Sorry i havent been online for a while writing posts. I have been busy doing other things, plus lost internet service for a while. I am still actively doing research on the family tree. It has become my passion to do this. I have both sides (mom and dad's) in one large tree. I would separate them but then i forget to work on either side. It's a lot easier for me to have them all together that way I can switch back and forth. Right now I guess you could say that I am actively researching my mother's side of the tree.

On top of everything else I am also now having computer problems. I always use my laptop for my research so I have been using it. The other night I was cleaning out some of my programs on it and accidentally deleted FTM2012. Once I was able to locate the disc to re install the program on the laptop I could no longer get the program disc to work to reinstall the program.

Luckily i had the program already installed on the home computer which was in the bedroom that my stepdaughters used. So I brought that computer back into the living room and I am now working on getting all my information and stuff from the laptop back on it and downloading upgrades to the programs that was on it.

I am in the process of re downloading chrome because when i try to access blogger on google it tells me that the browswer is no longer supported so trying to re download it and keep getting knocked off of the internet, so that is being a slow process.

Also when i start FTM, it tells me it also needs updated so every time that I start that program it tells me it needs a update even with me pushing the update button every time it tells me. So i don't know what is going on there either.