Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carrie McGavock and Carnton Plantation

If you ever get a chance i do highly advise you to go to Franklin, TN to the Carnton plantation house.   It's wonderful.  I have been there myself.  You can tour the inside of the house, the grounds, and the cemetery.  When I went it was in December and it was a great place to visit.   We were the only ones at that time there, so we had the tour guide to ourselves and then they let us walk around by ourselves outside the house and the cemetery.  

The Carnton plantation was used as a field hospital during the Battle of Franklin.  After the war was over, Carrie and her husband donated two acres of land at their residence at Carnton for the Confederate dead to be buried.  Almost 1500 Confederate soldiers are buried at Carnton.

On the Civil War Women blog, they wrote a wonderful article on Carrie McGavock and Carnton plantation.

carrie mcgavock and carnton

There has been a great and wonderful book wrote on the family it's The Widow of the South.

I would suggest reading it its a great book.

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