Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DNA Results are BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thrilled to report that my DNA results are back!!!!!!!!!!   Woke up this morning and logged onto Ancestry.com, as I usually do to check and see if they were in yet and they are.  I have spent about the past hour or so going through some of the matches.   Some of the names i recognize, and some I have no idea where in our tree we would match.  The following are some screen shots of my results.
Regarding the ethnicity results here is what ancestry says.  when it says uncertain in the results thats probably because you have traces to a specific genetic population and it was too low to pinpoint to one exact ethnicity.    
The link to Ancestry's FAQ that answers most of the questions regarding the results
Ancestry.com FAQ

My ethnicity screen shot:

screen shot of some matches

i think i had 4 or 5 pages of 4th cousins then it goes further back.  the great thing is as more people take the new test it will match against those in the future.  I have said in a previous posts I am reading books on DNA for genealogy and trying to learn all I can on this new tool for research.
I do know two things.  One is I need to work on getting all of those I know for a fact that are supposed to be in my tree in my tree.  Second, I need to go back further in my lines with documented research to prove it.   Alot of these matches, I do not recognize any of the names on their trees.  I know we matched through DNA, but on some I have found no matching names on their trees..  Alot of them have done major research and have traced 10 generations back or sometimes more.   THIS IS AN ONGOING PURSUIT!!!  It's a time consuming passion of mine, and I have said previously family research is not something that you are ever quite done with, their will always be that elusive ancestor you cant find anything on , or a new arrival to the family to add, or a marriage.  
I will write more on my DNA results as I learn more and as I look through more of the research.


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