Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I started Genealogy...

Many people often ask why do you work on your family history, or what got you started into your search into your family history?   For me, I don't think that it was any specific thing that happened.   Probably back in 2008 I was bored one day and I think I seen either a commercial or an ad on TV for  I was bored and sitting at home by myself and thought I will do the free trial ( I think it was for 2 weeks) and then I would cancel it if I didn't like it.   Needless to say, I never canceled it, and have renewed it several times over.   I remember first starting looking on and finding trees that others had done on my family and thinking WOW, this is the greatest thing.  Then the bug struck!!!   I had been doing it on and off til
sometime last year when I started doing it all of the time.  
I remember when I first started calling my family with each new thing no matter how significant I would be
on the phone with my mother or father one talking to them about it.   Luckily, I live in a small town, so even though all of my grandparents have already passed there is still quite a few around that remember them and those before them, plus I still have aunts and one uncles on my paternal grandmother's side that I have asked
quite a few questions to and that haved helped me a lot.  
My first child was born in 2010 and my second in 2011.  It was somewhere between those births that I
really wanted to know where I had come from in order to leave it for my children and their children.   I have
to admit its been hard and I have hit and am still hitting roadblocks but it is still completely worth it to me.


  1. It's awesome that you've started working on your family history! I didn't start working on mine until I was 30-something with five kids ages 11 and under.

    Don't get discouraged by the brick walls or roadblocks. Hopefully, in time those will come tumbling down or you will get around them to find those treasures you are looking for.

    And you're right! All the hard work is totally worth it.

  2. Jeanie,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Jana thank you. I do get discouraged sometimes but i always go back to it because i love it. Especially when you find something new or interesting or that you didn't know.