Friday, August 3, 2012

Talking with Mom and member trees

Well yesterday was the start of the 127 sale here in TN, so me and the babies have been staying with mom at her house while my husband has been helping my family at the foot of the hill at the yard sale.  While there today we logged onto with the netbook and worked on her side of the family.  Her line includes the surnames:  Maddle/Madewell, Smith, Rittenberry, Mccloud, and so on.  She started researching her side of the family a couple of years ago and helped me get a lot of the name straight and who was whose child and all of that.  So she really helped me alot.  Thank you, Mom.

I want to know if anyone else gets sidetracked by the member trees?   I have gotten sidetracked so many, many times.  I take really good notes and record the sources of where i got info from when i find something that i knows belongs in the tree.  But, here lately, i have been adding people off of these member trees and its screwing me all up.. All i can say is thank goodness for my notes or I would have to start all over again.   I have to remember to take these trees as just a sampling of what might be right but not to take it as gospel for being right.  

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