Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Burn Out and Other Things

I think I have found a way to beat the genealogy slump that I am in.  I am still going to stay off of ancestry.com for a little while, but I have stuff that I have downloaded to my computer that I am going to work on.  I have all of my mother's files where she started working on her side of the family a while back plus I have quite a bit that I downloaded off of USGENWEB archives site.  I love to read and learn about the history of places along with family research in the middleof it this is the perfect opportunity for me to get out of this burn out I am in while still working on the family history a little.    I downloaded everything that they had on counties in TN and then looked through all of the stuff I had on other ancestors and downloaded the stuff from counties I needed from different states.  I had a lot of ancestors to go through and live in the states of TN, TX, and MO.  I highly suggest that people take a few minutes and take a look around the USGENWEB archives site.   I have copied and pasted the files to a thumb drive so that I can look through them.   
 I think that we are taking a trrip to the Chickamauga Battlefields tomorrow with the babies.   I love going to the battlefields and to the old plantations.   There is so much history in these places and I am so happy that they are historic and federal landmarks.   Some places I am sure are forgotten and they shouldn't be.  Adults and children both need to learn about these places and what they mean to us.   We need to learn about and study the history around us.   I want my children to know about these places and the events and sacrifices that took place there.  
Sorry i seem to be rambling, sometimes when I start writing or in this case start typing I can't really stop.  Which is good because i have not had that many posts on here lately which saddens me because I love to write. 
I still have some goals for this blog. Along with documenting my research on here I would still like to do a little profile on some of my ancestors.   I am going to look through the obits and pictures that I have tonight and start making some posts on them.   I have tried to get my blog address and my info out to the family so that they know that this site is here.  I am still learning so much about dong genealogy and about blogging about it.   I had started out doing the genealogy prompts on the geneablogger  website and I really need to go back to doing them they are great!!!   They make you think about your ancestors and when you start thinking about your ancestors, you may start going back over the info that you already have for that ancestor and might find something that you have missed.

Genealogy and all things that go along with it has become an addiction for me.  I love learning about my family history and about each and every ancestor along the way.   I love getting to know family members now that I never knew that I was related to in the first place and I have found several.  

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