Sunday, July 14, 2013

Items that came from our ancestors...

I have been catching up on reading some blogs today.   I have a great interest in reading other people's blogs on their own personal family history researching quest.    I enjoy with them every little find and drop of new information that they might find.
I have had so many ideas today.   I have so many newspaper clippings, obits clipped from newspapers, letters, photos, recipes, etc that came from my ancestors.   These things need to be added to the family tree for others to enjoy.  I know that a lot of family history research is based upon records, but let us not forget that their is more than records that tie us to our ancestors.  It could be a quilt that you great great grandmother made, or a picture of a man in uniform that turned out to be a grandfather or uncle that fought maybe during the Civil War, or a recipe that is barely legible that belonged to one of your ancestors.
I have the certificate of graduation for one of my grandfather's cousins from a school that does not even exist anymore.  I have the funeral books, from the same ancestors parents  from the 1950's that are so different than what you may get today from the funeral home.   We need to preserve every piece of history that comes from our ancestors, no matter what it may be.

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