Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Media on FTM2012

Well I went to the cemetery and took pics of headstones, and last night i added some to the people on Family Tree Maker 2012.  When I went to do the sync to get the pictures on ancestry.com all that is showing up now is some random picture from ancestry.  I dont know what has happened.  I have tried 3 times to get them on there.  Ah, the frustration!!!   i will post a pic of what ancestry.com has put up there instead of the tombstone picture.  If anyone out there has any idea how to fix this please comment and let me know.  I dont know what else to try.  The first image is what ancestry put for the tombstone picture.


  1. Jeanie,

    Did you create a Caption for those Images?

    When you did the TreeSync (SyncNow), did you see Media Complete in the Plan Workspace?

    Were there ICONs where the Images should have been?


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