Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mount Sulpher Cemetery

I wanted to get away from everything today and be by myself so I grabbed my digital camera and off I went to the cemetery.  The cemetery where alot of my relatives are buried is literally like 2 minutes from my house.   I think that I took pictures of every headstone and marker there.  I just walked up and down the rows.  Found a lot of family that I didn't realize was there and some of course that I always knew were there.  Going to the cemetery always gives me peace, its a final resting place that ought to be tended to and preserved.

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  1. There is nothing that I would love more than to go up and down the rows of a cemetery and take photos of everyone. Unfortunately, that will never happen though.

    My family comes from a tiny island (pop. ~40 in winter)with four small churches and their obvious cemeteries. There are also plots located on private properties and the history these histories provide is priceless.

    Please lend a hand to genealogists everywhere by adding your photos to the BillionGraves project so that others may also find their loved ones. I don't want to be spammed out, but you can find that site easily on Google or just add a "com" to the name of the site.