Saturday, July 21, 2012

Plan Your Way to Research Success Webinar

Today i watched my first ever webinar on genealogy.  My first impression was that I should of been watching these things a long time ago.  They are a great learning tool.  I watched Plan Your Way to Research Success on the Legacy Family Tree website. Marian Pierre-Louis is who done it and it was GREAT!!!  I learned so much on research logs.  With my massive tendency to wander from branch to branch of the tree, this webinar was just what I needed to watch today.  She was very informative on telling us how to create and maintain a research log or where to get ones that were already made.  I so need to start doing this and recording what I have already searched so that I won't go back and re-search the same things over and over again.  I believe I will make my own with each new ancestor.  She had great ideas, and I plan to go by a lot of them...
The webinar is free til Jul 30th.  I highly recommend watching it.

just click on the title of her webinar..

Plan Your Way to Research

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