Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivation Monday - Things I need to do.....

Motivation Monday.....

I do really need to get motivated.   I have been putting relatives on FTM2012 that I know that have been verified and are supposed to be there.  As of right now I have 752 on there.   They are all sourced and verified.   One thing that i need to do is add the sources to them, because I am adding them from my notes and personal knowledge.  Luckily, when i was taking my notes I did right down most of the places that I had found the information.
Another thing that i need to do is continue adding verified ancestors and collateral family to the tree because I need to get it synced to before I get my test results. I think in order for the DNA test to show matches there at least have to be people in my tree.... lol   because right now its all on the program and not all on the internet.
I need to get motivated to work on my mom's side of the family more.  They are a confusing bunch.  Her surnames are Rittenberry/ Mccloud/ Smith /Crook,  all from the areas of Putnam, Smith, Jackson, and the surrounding counties to these in Middle Tennessee.   I have a great great grandfather that I need to find where he died and I believe it will be a trip to the courthouses in these counties to try to find out more.
The next thing I need to get motivated on is my maternal grandmother's family.  This will be the Cunningham branch of my family tree.  Some of them came from Meigs county, before they came to Rhea county TN.   (unless the counties are out of state they will all be in TN).  
I did get motivated and got on the USGENWEB archive site and downloaded info that they had for all of the counties in TN.  I also looked thru my notes and found other counties outside of TN , such as TX and MO and downloaded some of the information from there also.

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