Sunday, April 28, 2013

Samuel and Rosa Lemons

We were sitting here watching a movie on tv, when daddy pulled up and came in.   He handed me an envelope and said that this should help at least with one person in the tree.  I opened it and it was the funeral books that you write stuff in, such as flowers, food , etc.  Rosa passed in the 1950s and so did Samuel so for it being over fifty years old every thing in the package was in such great shape.   Apparently they had stuck certain sympathy cards and the cards from flowers in the books also.  There was one from Theodore Lemons (my great grandfather) and his son Willie.  Also one from Barnett Lemons and his wife.  Barnett was my grandfather's brother.   Such a great package of information to get and look thru.   I am going to get the information I need out of it and then send it back to mom and dads so that daddy can put it up.

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