Monday, April 29, 2013


The definition of overwhelmed
to surge over or submerge; engulf
to defeat completely and decisively
to affect deeply in mind or emotion
to present with an excessive amount
to turn over; upset.

My research on my family history I feel like it has become my passion. 
I know have people asking me you know what I have learned or how we are related and
I so love answering their questions and being able to tell them stories of our shared
ancestors.  I love it so much.

The reason that I am feeling overwhelmed is the massive amount of paper that I am going thru
now.  I have no idea how to organize it all and get it in one place or at least with the ancestor
that it's supposed to go with.  I have tried maybe putting a name on a piece of paper and just
going thru and adding on that specific person and that would be the best idea but dang that is
a lot of paper.... 

I have seen the work of someone that has been doing this for over twenty years on parts of my
family where hers connect with mine and she has put hers into three ring binders with families and
the people like i just described and it works so well.  My thing right now is just doing it.
It's crazy even thinking about it and ya I have not been doing this for long and people that have
been doing it for years and years have alot of paper files but the difference being most of those
people have figured out a system, i just have not yet figured out how to make my system and make
my system work for me.

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