Friday, May 3, 2013

New Programs....

Well today has been productive.   I have been downloading programs for my laptop.   Well since I am unable to get FTM12 back on the laptop from the disc, i went ahead and purchased Legacy 7.   So far i have to say I really like the program.  Probably bad but I didn't even try the free version I just went ahead and bought the whole version.   So far like I said, I like the program, I didn't have any problems downloading it to the lap top or installing it to the laptop.   It seems easy to use and navigate.  I haven't really looked at anything on it yet, besides just the regular data entry of the people.  I have to  say I really like that part.

here is another view of the screen

The next thing I have done today is upgraded to Office 2013.   I am going to start using One Note.  I am totally new to the process, but here is a screen shot of it.    ( of course the screen shot software is new too)

Of course, you can tell i am new to One Note because there's nothing there yet.  

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