Monday, May 6, 2013

Favorite Books 2

Murder in Dealey Plaza by James H Fetzer - This book will analyze the infamous Zapruder film and it also goes into the controversy of the assasination  of President Kennedy.  This was one of my favorites when I was reading on the Kennedy Family.
Jackie, Ethel, Joan Women of Camelot by J Randy Taraborrelli.   This is another of my favorites.   I was hooked when I started reading the first page.
Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K Massie - I enjoyed the love story of Nicholas and Alexandra from the start.  I wanted to know more about them.  This book gives you details on their lives of which I am sure that anyone would enjoy.
The Fall of Anne Boleyn by Claire Ridgway -  I do not know much about Anne Boleyn but I am so interested to know more about her and the period of history that she once lived.   It's an interesting story in itself of how she became Queen and then executed.
The Six Wives of Henry VIII  by Allison Weir - I do have this book on my Kindle but I have not read it yet. I bought it to know more of the King and his wives.   I bought it after I read The Fall of Anne Boleyn.
Two more great books on the Kennedy families are After Camelot - A personal history of the Kennedy family by J Randy Taraborrelli and Mrs Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill and Lisa Mccubbin.    Both are great books.   The second one by Clint Hill is wonderful.  He was the head of her security for the Secret Service.

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