Friday, May 3, 2013


Figured I would list my genealogy goals for myself:

1. I want to continue on the right path of researching the right way.   NO easy short cuts but make each and every discovery a new treasure and a new piece of the puzzle that is my family.
2. Get back my autosomnal DNA results and find out exactly what road that might lead me down.
3. Start tracing the collateral family members.   I want to know all the information that I can find on each and every person of my family, not just following the line back by grandparents.
4. Make sure all the information about the person is sourced.  Where did I get the info from?   Where did I find it?
5. Make more trips to visit with relatives before something happens to them.   Interview them, see what I may find out there on what they might remember.
6.   ORGANIZE all the paper files that I have now.
7. Study and research how to preserve some of the special items that we have located, such as funeral books from the 1950's  and stuff wrote on notebook paper.
8.   Continue to read articles and books on genealogy.
9. Follow a checklist and make sure that I can find the documents i need.   Such has for someone born in 1893.     Try to locate them in the 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 census.  Try to find birth records, death records, church records, military, just all the different types of records that could go with the era that they lived and died in.
10.   Learn more of the local history of the places that my ancestors came from.    Knowing their names is not enough.  I want to know what they did, how they lived, and what their community was like.

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