Monday, May 6, 2013

Favorite Books

I figured that i would write a post about some of my favorite books.    These books are books about periods of history, fiction, and family history research.

The first and what I would consider to be my favorite book of all time, and also one of the best books of all time is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.   I love this book.  Its a sad thing that everything in the book could not make it into the movie because I know that most of the people I know might have seen the movie but never read the book. To know the history of the book, that she wrote it from the end to the beginning or that Scarlett was originally going to be named Pansy.  The book is a treasure in itself.

Then you have Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind wrote by Alexandra Ripley.   I also love this book.  It's a shame that Margaret Mitchell herself couldn't write the sequel to her book.

I also have a book basically a biography of Margaret Mitchell that details her life and her love with John Marsh, but couldn't find it on Amazon.

You also have Rhett Butler's People wrote by Donald Mccaig.  This is a great book also.  This book delves into the lives of the people that knew and loved Rhett Butler as a friend or family member.

I have read and have both paperback and kindle copies of John Jake's series North and South.  It includes North and South, Love and War, and Heaven and Hell.   North and South is about the Main and Hazard families before the the Civil war, Love and War details the families during the Civil War and Heaven and Hell is about the families during Reconstruction.   I love these books and can read this series over and over.   I had read the books long before I ever knew that there had been a tv miniseries about them.  Once I learned that i had to have the miniseries.  I got the first copy for Christmas one year and as with the books, I spent one whole weekend watching probably 12 or 13 hours of the miniseries.    I have watched it so many times I had to buy a second copy.

The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks.  I bought this book after I had went and visited Carnton plantation in Franklin,TN.   Carnton plantation was used as a field hospital during the Battle of Franklin.   After it was over the lady of the house Carrie McGavock, after seeing what had become of the gravesites of the Confederate dead, she and her husband donated acreage next to their own family cemetery, to have the Confederate dead, reinterred there.    Almost two thousand are buried there.  

This one has become long so I will do a part two.

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