Friday, May 3, 2013

What I would like to do

I would love to be able to take the Lemons , Cunningham, Rittenberry and Crook lines one generation at a time, starting with myself and work on collateral relatives and document every cousin along with following the direct ancestor. The only thing is that I know that this is a huge undertaking. This is one of my main goals right now. I know how large of an undertaking this is going to be because my mother had 12 siblings and I can't even tell you all of my cousins from those 12 other sibllings. Sad but true, I know, but this is also how I know how large of an undertaking that this is going to be. ( I am working on gathering all of those cousins names right now). The more records i look at, or the more websites I look at, the more excited I get. I love finding a new relative or looking at info pertaining to that relative or any other relatives. Each new discovery brings me excitement and keeps me going on the hunt.

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